Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

The Nun Who Lied

Have you seen "The Nun Who Lied?"  It's a black and white short film made during the last Canon Boot Camp Level 2 workshop.  That's right - we made this film in class.  It's hard core in the trenches type of teaching. 

The B&W look was achieved in-camera by using the monochromatic picture style.  I'm teaching another Level 2 workshop on March 26th and we're going to do a detective scene this time!  And no, it's not going to be B&W but we are going for a super wide-screen framing.

The Association's Description of the Video:

Our Pro Level II Boot Camp grads try out their new found skills with the Canon 5D Mark II camera in this exciting vampire short, "The Nun Who Lied".

We chose a Film Noir, black and white camera setting to show off the exceptionally thick, rich (no grain) blacks the Canon 5D can produce.

Our Canon Pro Level II class uses a dolly, jib arm and car mounts to follow our nun's escape from a dangerous, blood-sucking casting call. Thanks to our Boot Camp Alumni, who helped with the jib arms and car mounts.

Cameras were provided by Canon, lenses by Canon and Zeiss, Monitors by Marshall, studio space provided by EVS. 

Snehal Patel
Canon Boot Camp instructor