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The Japanese Tsunami: Experiencing Disaster From a Distance

I feel for the people of Japan for what they are going through right now.  Living in Los Angeles is no joke.  I've felt quite a number of tremors since I moved here five years ago.  With technology today, it's possible to experience the disaster in a very personal way.  This just makes it even more scary because it reminds me how fragile people are and how powerful the earth is in comparison. 

AP Coverage of the Earthquake and Tsunami - lots of overhead shots:

Camera technology is ubiquitous today.  We can virtually experience the disaster as it unfolds from a variety of sources that include helicopter cameras transmitting to satellites and cell phones from the person-on-the-street.

Phone footage in a cafe:

Helicopter Footage:

This CBS footage begins with what looks to be camera phone footage from an office and ends in a fire:

I wish the victims of this disaster all the best in overcoming and rebuilding.

Snehal Patel