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Snehal Produces Action Short with DSLR Boot Camp Survivors

As told by The Association:

Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures and creator of a new genre of wedding films, starting with his Indian wedding extravaganza, "The City of Lakes" is at it again, this time with a new twist -  gangsters and wild motorcycle chases for his newest short, "Flawless".

Kevin hired Snehal Patel to produce this film, and together they chose the Canon 5D Mk II camera to shoot their action adventure.

Patel called upon many of of The Association's Canon DSLR Boot Camp graduates he had previously instructed to help crew up the production effort. These professionals did an amazing job of jumping into the frey to help make this challenging shoot come together.

With most of the filming taking place at night, the 5D is coming through magnificently, both in image quality and reduction in set-up time since less lighting equipment is needed to get the shots in the "can". Gaffer Tom Myrdahl said he "is amazed at the images the 5D can produce in the low-light, nighttime scenarios".

We are still shooting, so more Canon 5D "firsts" will be reported on soon!

Snehal Produces Action Short with DSLR Boot Camp Survivors

The next Canon DSLR Boot Camp for the Canon 5D & 7D is Saturday, August 21st from 1-6pm in Santa Monica.
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