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Custom Rig from Red Rock for YTC Films

My friend James Wvinner of needed a DSLR rig that was good for both lock-down shooting on sticks and for handheld.  He was preparing for some heavy-duty multi-cam shoots and wanted something that had a lot of possibilities for expansion and space for add-ons.  I contacted Brian Valente from Red Rock to help us out and he put together a custom rig configuration in no time flat. The way we had the battery plate mounted in the back, it balances out the rig for shoulder-mount applications, plus the AB batteries can power both the camera and the on-board monitor at the same time.  With a quick release, the rig come apart and plops right into place on the fluid head.  Gotta love it!

I'll ask James if he can bring the rig into the next DSLR Boot Camp on August 21st:

Here's how Brian put it together:

From RedRock Micro store :

DSLR Cinema Bundle 

microShoulderMount Deluxe Bundle 

microBalance Plus plate 


microArm short 

microMount for monitor 

Anton Bauer battery power :

AB Plate is either AB part number QR-SP200 or QR-SP400A

You need specific AB screws – the AB part number for the screws is 6120-5522Battery

Connector cables:

Canon DC coupler

Plus switronix Dtap adapter


Bogen quick release  for between shoulderpad and cinema bundle