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I love my Canon DSLR Boot Camp

I really enjoy teaching others what I know about these cool little cameras.  

Here's a few nuggets for you to enjoy:

1. The 7D's sensor size is almost the same as a super 35mm film frame so film lenses behave almost the same, unlike on the 5D which has a larger sensor, making film lenses behave like they are wider by a 1.6x zoom factor.  Plus the 5D's larger sensor creates a shallower depth of field, meaning you have to stop down a bit to get the same DOF you would get on a 7D.

2. I tried a beta piece of software from that is supposed to provide a better way to convert Canon EOS files to ProRes.  The site boasts the software squeezes more quality than a quicktime conversion of the h264 files coming out of the camera, but my tests show their conversion also effects the color, changing light levels during transcoding.  I'll stick to the Final Cut plugin for now so that I get a match between what I see on the camera's LCD and in my edit software.

3. There is a exponential increase in the number of mainstream television shows and feature films that will be utilizing Canon DSLRs this year.  Look out for a lot more of that 5D/7D look this fall.

I'm having another Boot Camp on June 26th:


Snehal Patel