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Canon 5d Bootcamp Offered At Loyal Studios

Canon 5d Bootcamp Offered At Loyal Studios

Intense one day instructional for cameramen to be offered at Santa Monica studio to educate professionals on shooting live action with the industry’s hottest camera, Canon’s 5D.

Snehal Patel at Canon 5D Boot Camp


PRLog (Press Release)Jun 21, 2010 – DSLR instructor and aficionado Snehal Patel, in collaboration with The Association and ProHD Rentals, will be offering an intensive five hour boot camp seminar this coming Saturday, June 26, for industry professionals still unfamiliar with the Canon 5D, the most in-demand digital media camera today.
   “The technology is amazing and has grown in popularity tenfold,” Bob Bekian, president of ProHD Rentals explains.  “So we wanted to provide a learning environment where cinematographers can master the new technology and use the information in a real world environment.”  To support the Boot Camp Bekian has provided his Santa Monica  stage at Loyal Studios as the hosting site of the event.  The attendees will have the opportunity to test the 5D in a myriad of environments and work conditions that Loyal Studios will provide, including a green screen stage, a New York street set on stage, and a practical exterior location.  “We love hosting the seminar at Loyal Studios,” adds Patel, who runs the hands-on experience.  “Students get to use the cameras in a variety of lighting situations with an actress that we provide for the event.  It’s not just a lecture, but a valuable experience where the students can immerse themselves in real world situations.”
   The Boot Camp will also provide educational information and practical usage of support gear for the Canon DSLR, including Zeiss lenses, Red Rock Micro accessories, Nikon lens adaptor kits, Apple Final Cut Pro integration, and Lite Panels lighting equipment.  “Understanding how the 5D works isn’t enough,” Bekian says.  “Cinematographers and camera crew members need to know how the Canon integrates with the necessary accessories to gain a complete experience.”  ProHD Rentals, an expert in the Canon 5D realm, has embraced the success of the Canon 5D and 7D DSLRs as they continue to focus more equipment rental support in this area.  “Students need to know more than just how the camera itself works,” Patel confesses.  “That’s why we provide so many manufacturers’ accessories at the Boot Camp to use, so the take-away from the event is a complete understanding and mastery of the 5D and the support system behind it.”
   Past Boot Camps have proved an invaluable resource for even the most experienced cinematographers.  In the fast-paced evolution of digital technology it is critical to stay current so that you remain relevant.  Daniel Pearl, member of the American Cinematographers Society, explains, “Although I have a lot of experience as a cinematographer and I understand a lot about cinematography, I knew very little about digital capture and it [5D Boot Camp] was great.”  Traditional motion picture acumen doesn’t always apply to new technology, especially when the quality of HD capture is perfected in a digital SLR camera such as Canon’s 5D.  “There is a paradigm shift taking place in the world of filmmaking,” explains Fletcher Murray, co-founder of The Association which is co-sponsoring the event.  “Take a look at the show “House,” the season finale was shot entirely on 5Ds.”
   The June 26th event is just the first of several Boot Camp opportunities to be offered by The Association and ProHD Rentals this coming summer.  It is Patel’s intention to demystify and educate the camera community about the value of the industry’s newest favored son, the Canon 5D.  
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