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3D Alexa music-video shoot in Vancouver

Recently I had a chance to join my collegue Sebastian from the Arri Canada office as he taught an Alexa 3D workshop for IATSE in Vancouver.  There was a lot of new technical info that I learned during the two days I was with the class.  3D has a whole new set of rules, guidelines and asthetics that must be paid attention to if you are to create a successful 3D experience for the audience.  Two Alexa Plus cameras were rigged in a mirror setup and Arri wireless remotes were used for focus, iris, zoom as well as convergence (with the use of a second wireless).  Since the Alexas were connected by sync cables, all controls and settings on the Master camera were matched by the Slave camera.  The operation in this 3D configuration was flawless.

On the second day, I got to direct a 3D music video with a group of dancers.  There was a lot to pay attention to including placement, framing and movement on screen.  Depending on close the subject was to the camera, a number a tweaks had to be monitored.  It definitely takes a dedicated team of folks to keep up with a 3D production.

To get started with 3D filmmaking, I suggest you get start with a class that goes over the basics but also give you time on-set to apply what you learned.  The rig we used is similar to the one used by Cameron/Pace group for the film Hugo.  Lots of mirror rigs and side-by-side rigs are now on the market and I look forward to seeing what's new in 3D at NAB 2012.