Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Taco Bell Video

I had a blast creating this video for Taco Bell.  Thanks to for a wonderful production. 

It was fun to work with Edward and his team at TB.  Christine was a great sport and did a lot of extra workouts for us. 

We filmed on Canon 5Ds and 7Ds with L-Series zooms and prime lenses.  Had a jib, an underwater bag, a slider and standard sticks for support equipment.  The jib incorporated a remote focus system and it worked fine with a RedRock ring adapting the Canon still lenses.

A cool After Effects plugin called Twixtor was used for the speed ramps which were created using 720p 60fps footage from the 7D.  You have the be careful how to frame the shots so that the software can function properly.  Edited in Final Cut with color grading in Magic Bullet Looks.

Snehal Patel