Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Cell Phone of the Future

A commercial for the lastest product aimed at the tech-hungry public.

It's 2025 and everyone is looking for new ways to connect.  They want to talk to their friends, send photographs and video clips, surf the web, interact virtually and interface with social networks.  Sound familiar?  But what if they want everything to happen faster then the speed of thought?

Cellular devices have evolved over the last four decades to become the primary means of communication between two individuals anywhere on the planet.  With the advent of advanced computational networks, large amounts of data are efficiently channeled across wires and airwaves in a manner of milliseconds.  The only bottleneck in this interaction is the speed at which a person can input commands into their device.

A handheld phone device is no longer in fashion.  Why hold a device when you can wear it?  

The task seemed simple - instant communication.  The creation was imperfect, it had function but was lacking form.  The solution will always be a challenge.  Yet, now it comes to fruition.  Introducing total integration: be safe, secure, connected.

With the NoMoto E-36, You have instant access to everyone you care about, plus you can record your history as you make it.

Featuring Electro-n technology and Organic Storage. The NoMoto E-36 is the best iteration of a good idea.

Commercial Credits:

Featuring Andrea Bogart as the Woman Transcending Time
Director & Editor-- Snehal Patel
Cinematographer -- Bill Bennett       
Producer -- Kris Baumgartner
Production Designer -- Djeneba Aduayom
Wardrobe -- Desiree Castro
Makeup Artist -- Chika Takahashi
Hairdresser -- Kathryn Fernandez
Custom Prop Designer -- Ryan Puckett
Props Master -- Tiffany Smith
Phone Props -- Mahendra Patel & Motorola 
1st AC -- Eric Reining
Camera Utility -- Duncan Ballantine
Key Grip -- Devin Daily
Grip -- Lexa Payne
Gaffer -- Andrew Fairbank
Electrician -- Isaac Han
PA -- Jennilynn Ulanday
DIT & PreEditor -- Bryan Tanori
VFX Artist -- Nathan Koga
Voice Over Artist -- Rachel Lewis
Composition & Sound Mix -- Bruce Chianese

Equipment Provided by:
Arri Inc.
Illumination Dynamics
J.L. Fisher

Editing Software Courtesy of:

Special Thanks -- Kailas Patel for the shipments

Concept by Snehal Patel of