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Typical Work Day at IBC 2012

IBC2012 just ended.  For those of you who couldn't make it here, it's basically like a cooler version of NAB.  Laid back, friendly, fun and full of nerdy technology.  
The Arri booth was always busy with presentations and visitors.  We answered a lot of questions but also got a lot of pats on back for working hard to bring out awsome new products.
I got to play with some cool toys!
IBC takes place in Amsterdam where the food and wine flow.  We went around on bikes most of the time.
Typical Work Day at IBC 2012
Look!  An Indian on the cover of the new Alexa Sales Brochure. 
We had a huge 95th Aniversary party that started with a cruise through Amsterdam's canals.
Stay tuned for videos and for the Munich leg of my trip.