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Visiting Mexico City

Mexico city is full of good food and great people.  It's full of traffic too!  Lots of it.
I was there to show off the Alexa M to TV Channels, Production Companies and Rental Houses.  We demonstrated the M in lightweight configuration with cage accessories and lightweight hand grips.  I also brought a cage system for the smaller cameras and new LMB-25 Lightweight Matte Box which was quite popular.
One restaurant we visited had it's own Bull Fighting Ring!  No kidding.
Oh and I caught a bilboard for SkyFall in Espanol!  So that's the language they speak in Mexico...
Visiting Mexico City


We got over the 100K views mark and now this comedy music vid can't be deleted even if Will Ferral hates us.  Which he doesn't... I don't think...

Halloween Visit to Chicago & Columbia College

I was back in Chicago making a few visits and enjoying Halloween with the family.  Did you know that my nephew is a working print model? That's him on the left!
Halloween Visit to Chicago & Columbia College

BTW, I dressed up like a Taco this time:
Halloween Visit to Chicago & Columbia College

My niece was a princess and nephew a knight.  Exciting!
While in the City I also visited my old film school at Columbia College - Downtown Chicago Campus.  I caught some students filming with a Bolex and it made me nostalgic.
Halloween Visit to Chicago & Columbia College
I was quite impressed by the new Media Production Center which is basically an awesome studio with everything the young filmmakers need to shoot their next production:




LDI Las Vegas

LDI Las Vegas
Seeing all the cool ways that technology is being used for theater and stage lighting and design was pretty awesome.
LDI Las Vegas

Here's our Arri booth with an Alexa Camera.

LDI Las Vegas

America is Awesome!

DId you guys see the debate?

America is so awesome because we can have rational, civilized discussions about our future.  Doesn't matter what side of the coin you are on when it comes to voting.  At least you are making the effort.  Register now, vote early, vote on the day, vote.

Snehal Patel

The Importance of Public Television

My career started in public television.  My High School had a public cable station for which I created my first programming way back in 1992.  I also worked at my town's local access cable channel, taping live events and volunteering for production.  Public TV is a necessary piece of the American Dream because it's the only programming for kids on television that doesn't peddle violence and is based on principles of education for all.  Don't cut education, cut war.

Visiting Munich

Munich was pretty cool this time of year.  The hotel where I was staying was next to the English Garden, which is pretty large and nicely kept.  

The crazy thing is that you're walking along in the park, you turn a bend and suddenly you come upon River Surfers!  Yes, real guys surfing in this tiny, man-made river in the middle of the city.

The architecture of Munich can be characterized as a true blend of old an new.

We visited Arri Munich of course.  Check out the burnt Alexa on display in the HQ foyer.

I even went to Olympic Park which was pretty awesome.  Huge and awesome.  We went up in the tower at 200 meters, is suprisingly the highest building in Munich.

The Tower does have an awesome view of Munich.  Spot the BMW museum and win a prize!

All pics taken on my iPhone.

Typical Work Day at IBC 2012

IBC2012 just ended.  For those of you who couldn't make it here, it's basically like a cooler version of NAB.  Laid back, friendly, fun and full of nerdy technology.  
The Arri booth was always busy with presentations and visitors.  We answered a lot of questions but also got a lot of pats on back for working hard to bring out awsome new products.
I got to play with some cool toys!
IBC takes place in Amsterdam where the food and wine flow.  We went around on bikes most of the time.
Typical Work Day at IBC 2012
Look!  An Indian on the cover of the new Alexa Sales Brochure. 
We had a huge 95th Aniversary party that started with a cruise through Amsterdam's canals.
Stay tuned for videos and for the Munich leg of my trip.

Fletcher Camera Open House in New Orleans

I filmed this all on a Go Pro so that I could mount it in interesting places.  Fletcher Camera is originally from Chicago and I used to rent from them over a decade ago when I lived in the Windy City.  Now I get to help them celebrate their new location in one of the best cities in the US.  Very cool!

Trend in Cameras Today

What is the trend in cameras today?

For both still and motion photography, we are seeing that people want:
  • More features
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Web-connectivity
  • Instant manipulation of image - looks, plugins, filters, etc.
  • Interconnectivity with other devices - iPhones, iPads, etc.
  • Common formats, standardization
  • Ability to be mobile and stay connected - wiFi, BluTooth
What I want:
  • Raw image control
  • Manual controls
  • Better Lenses
  • Better color science

The REAL Dark Knight Movie

Finally, the masterpiece story that started it all will be coming out in Animation form.  Wonder how F Miller feels about this?  It think it's wonderful and just pre-ordered a BluRay.  I've read this TP a few dozen times and I always find something new to like.