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Zacuto mount on a RedRock handheld rig

Cinematographer Peter Holland needed a handheld setup for an energetic production.  I put together this handheld rig for him that uses some Zacuto pieces and some RedRock parts.  It's a fact that now-a-days, a lot of stuff is Frankensteined together whenever we're on set.  It's very common to see components from a dozen manufacturers on one rig.

I find the Zacuto 2.5x viewfinder to be the eaisest to use with really clean image and functioning diopter.  The viewfinder can be held in place by the quick-release top plate off the Zacuto Z-DSLR-B DSLR Base Plate.  This quick-relase plate can attach to the Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate on a handheld rig like this modified Redrock Micro "Captain Stubling" With Follow Focus Unit.

Here's how this simple setup comes in handy when going from handheld to tripod mount.  Now the quick-release plate can be slipped onto the rest of the baseplate on your tripod.  Add a monitor, like the cool Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5 Inch LCD Video Monitor and you have a pretty nice studio-style setup.

Zacuto mount on a RedRock handheld rig

Ain't it nice when all the manufacturers play nice?  Thank goodness for standarization and forward thinking!

At the Canon Boot Camp this Saturday, May 21st - We'll be giving away a Redrock Stealth nano DSLR Rig , a couple of BeachTek DXA-SLRs, Cam Caddies and demoing a lot of new lenses, equpiment and even shooting a scene with actress Laureen Trujillo.

Snehal Patel