Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Testing the Panasonic AF-100 with Sci-Fi

Warning - It's silent!  A work in progress.  Check out the Planet Detective's implant.

Filmed in HD on a Panasonic AF-100 with a 11-16mm Tokina lens converted by Duclos. Featuring actor Roger Narayan.

The camera and lens were provided by Stray Angel Films. Thanks to Shams Charania for his assistance. Recording was done in-camera using the native codec. A variable film rate was used for the Slo-Mo.

AF-100 Camera Settings Used:
Scene File Scene Select - F5
Operation Type - Film Cam
Record Format - PH 1080
VFR Mode - On
Gamma - Cine-Like V
Matrix - Cine-Like
Skin Tone DTL - ON

Editing was done in Final Cut. First the footage was imported and trans-coded to ProRes422. After cutting, I used Magic Bullet Looks to color. I also cropped the image to wide-screen.

Special FX were done in After Effects. Thanks to for the tips.

Snehal Patel