Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Latest DSLR Video on E! Daily 10 tonight!

A new video by and Fearless Productions. It will appear on E! Network's "Daily 10" show tonight 6:30/7:30 Central

Shot at The Association ( with a Canon 5D MKII.  Who say's you can't do greenscreen with a still camera?  I filmed with good exposure and make sure the subject was in sharp focus by raising the ISO a bit so that I could stop down the aperature to 5.6/6.3.  We didn't have much trouble at all knocking out the green in Final Cut using Primatte Keyer Pro.  I created all animation in After Effects and composited the layers in Final Cut.  Natress filters were used for the film look.