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LA Comedy Shorts Dissed by Celebs!

As a lot of you already know, the LA Comedy Shorts film festival at the Downtown Independent has more celebrities per square inch than any other festival in the world!  Well at least that's what they the library. 

I've been the technical director since we started three years ago and I've only had a couple of death threats.  Not bad considering the sheer number of crazy filmmakers that are part of this rip-roaring, four day party film party film party extravaganza. 

So I find it SO disheartening when we get dissed by so-called celebs like Bryan Cranston and Julie Bowen when our Festival producers graciously invite them to attend April 7-10th.

If you want to pre-party, come join the fun at Far Bar on Tuesday, March 29th during the Yelp Launch Party for LA Comedy Shorts.

Snehal Patel