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Kobold HMI Lights used for 5D Shoot

While working on Kevin Shahinian's short film "Flawless," we got a chance to hook up with Kobold Lighting and demo their all-weather 200 Watt and 800 Watt HMI lights. 

These HMIs ran cool - you can see Jefferson holding the 200W light in place during one scene at a jewelery store.  This light was key for number of shots where we needed balanced daylight in a small package.

The 800W came in real handy as a "fake" helicopter light for a motorcycle chase scene.  We mounted the HMI on the front of our process trailer provided by Camera Car Industries and it was swung back and forth to emulate the search light shining down from a helicopter.  As you can see from the pic of Kavi and Ravi on the motorcycle, the 800W was powerful but had a clean look.

We were really happy with the performance of the ballasts too.  They powered the lights with a low current draw and absolutely no noise.  The color temperature of the lights was spot-on and the construction is hardy and made for heavy production usage.

I'll be talking more about these cools lights and showing them off at the following events in Los Angeles:

Canon Boot Camp (Sept 11th, 18th & Oct 9th, 23rd)
Photo Cine Expo (Sept 25th & 26th)

Snehal Patel