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Indian Gangster semi-finalist in Microsoft TV Pilot Contest

This little concept film which was my pitch for a TV show has now made it to the semi-finals in a TV Pilot contest created by the New York Television Festival and Microsoft Bing in partnership with Ben Silverman of Electus.

Check out the list of finalists here:

"Indian Gangster" was the start of my involvement with the DSLR revolution when cinematographer Rodney Charters suggested we use if for our weekend action/drama shoot back in Fall 2009.  Not only did he wrangle Panavision lenses (something that can't be done anymore) but we got support from a lot of manufacturers like Slider, Canon, RedRock, Zacuto and others.  Plus everyone pitched in hardcore.  Janina (our lead actress) got us half of our locations, Sunil (one of the lead actors) edited the 8 min concept film and the 1 min trailer with me, both Bhindi Jewelers and Frontier Saris donated beautiful locations in Artesia.  Everyone in the cast and crew worked for free and they worked hard.  HdiRawWorks helped with color correction with Jeremy at the helm.

I'm really proud of the results and supper happy to see us getting some recognition for our efforts.  It's a timeless story that has its roots in Shakespeare's King Lear, but with a modern Indian-American twist.

Snehal Patel