Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Day 7 of 100 Days of Inventions - Extreme Plastic Surgery

In the near future, most of the world will pass laws preventing an individual from undergoing plastic surgery that allows them to change their look to the point where they actually look exactly like other people.  Imagine how many Elvis impersonators would go all the way.

Elvis Before and After

In 2023, a celebrity look-alike wins a Los Angeles county court case allowing her to retain the super expensive plastic surgery which transformed her into the spitting image of J-Lo during the time she was dating P-Diddy. Since she is a professional imitator and her income depends on her ability to look exactly like J-Lo, the judge rules in her favor.  

It only takes a few weeks before Hollywood walk of fame is overrun with fake celebrities that look exactly like the real thing.  Only in L.A. baby.

BTW - please excuse the periodic lulls in the postings on this particular Blog.  Improvements are on the way.  We will fix this machine!

Day 6 of 100 Days of Inventions - Stainless Clothing

I know this happens to me about twice a week - I spill something on myself.  A lot of times, the soiled shirt is lying around in a basket for a couple of weeks before it's put through a wash cycle. By that time, a stain has formed, quickly taking root in the organic fibers...never to leave it's adopted home.  No matter how many washes I put the poor garment through, the stain is never coming off.  


Until now!  It's 2019, and every designer worth their salt is rushing to get their hands on as many bolts of stainless-fiber they can find. It comes in limited colors, the cloth shimmers in just about any lighting condition imaginable and it's only made in Taiwan. Engineered from the thinest stain-less steel fibers possible, this cloth is infused with a new hydrophobic chemical and colored with phosphorus paints. It's a bit heavier than your typical rayon or silk material, but "Stain-F" retains its shape no matter what temperature you set your washer. Besides, IT NEVER STAINS! 

By 2021, this stuff will be in every department store across the world. Place your order now and get in on the ground floor of this fashion phenomenon.  

Day 5 of 100 Days of Inventions - Disposable Nanobots

Nanobots attack

Do you have a damaged kidney? What about a clogged blood vessel?  Put away that scalpel Doctor! You're not slicing anyone up today. Just inject your unconscious patient with a shot of Abultec's Repair-a-Nano serum.  A specially programmed army of nanobots will find their way to the damaged part of your body and get to work. Utilizing the latest in medical technology, the bots: cut, stitch, sew, repair and medicate you back to good health. And when their job is done, they slowly dissolve into your bloodstream and eventually come out with the rest of your body's waste products.   

There has been talk of Abultec's technology being used by the military to push the limit of human endurance and pain. Turns out some "volunteers" have a continuous stream of the serum injected into them while "doctors" blow away chunks of the poor soldiers. The newer serums repair the saps before the wounds do them in, but the first round or two of volunteers weren't so lucky. 

Day 4 of 100 Days of Inventions - Protecto Gloves

Liquid Glove

Imagine you dip your hand into a vat of shiny liquid and slowly pull it out again.  Hey!  The liquid has hardened and form a glove on your hand.  Looks pretty cool, feels natural.  Fits like a glove (wink wink). 

But oh, the magic has just begun because this is no ordinary liquid glove.  This is the professional-grade solution to five-finger protection.   It's embedded with new electro-polymer technology that has the ability to instantly harden any section of the glove, making it rigid enough to withstand damage and enormous amounts of pressure.  No longer will you accidently drive a nail through your hand or crush your finger under some heavy machinery.  

Macross Pinpoint Barrier System GO

The Protecto Glove can sense when there is a pinpoint of high pressure or a crushing blow and in a matter of nano-seconds, the glove will divert energy to the contact point.  This energy excites molecules that harden the soft gloves in a way that provides the best type of protection - either on both sides if your hand is being crushed in a metal press or concentrated at a very small point if you are poking yourself with a sharp stick.  It's kind of like the Macross Pinpoint Barrier System, but for your hands.