Musings by Snehal aka Fearless, a filmmaker with a hankering for technology and science.  

Bushwalla's Alien caught on a 5D

I was filming a promo for on the Canon 5D (displayed by Billy aka Bushwalla) using my favorite setup for run & gun shooting with wireless audio. I used a RedRock rig with Anton Battery on the back of the shoulder-mount balacing the camera, Canon EF lens, Marshall 7" Monitor with HDMI input and a Beachtek preamplifier that connects to two Sennheiser wireless recievers. Everthing mounts solidly on the rig and travels easily. I popped in a Hoodman RAW CF card to record on and mic-ed the guys with wireless transmitters.

The promo was written by the very talented and funny comedian Smooth-E ( who is the green dude in the pucture.

Check out Bushwalla's music and buy his tracks! One of my favorites is titled "Self Depreciating Hip Hop."

Snehal Patel